The 501 value proposition extends well beyond cool tech and engaging content. We also offer tools to help you manage your business and maximise your return on investment. These tools include aggregated data that can be accessed and assessed through clear data visualisation.

Our platform provides easy-to-understand, granular insights into your utilisation of our products. The platform collects and centralises data about how the systems and games are being used in your venue, enabling you to use real-world data to target promotions and refine your processes with utmost efficiency.
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Making the best decisions for your business: 501’s data platform collects data in a way that empowers you to make optimal decisions for your business. Our Microsoft Power BI driven data visualisation offers day-by-day breakdowns that can even be separated according to time frames to view utilisation statistics, quiet periods and hot spots. You can use this data to promote your entertainment solutions at the right times to increase engagement, footfall and customer loyalty.
Our platform’s full session breakdowns show numbers of guests playing, engagement times, games played, darts thrown, and a wide range of other useful statistics about how these services are used. You can even view the most popular games at any given time slot and the difficulty levels your guests have been selecting the most.
All of this information enables you and your brand to give your customers exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered. You are also welcome to contact us for custom solutions that align with your guests’ preferences to improve engagement rates even further.