Regardless of whether you operate 1 or 1000 of our products, you can rest assured that all of our systems are covered by a first-class support service. As well as being on hand through the fit out and onboarding process, we also provide ongoing technical support and account management to ensure you achieve maximum return on your investment.

We have years of experience deploying technology based solutions to the leisure and hospitality sectors. We have harnessed this experience, ensuring our products are designed to withstand the rigours of high footfall environments and paired this with a top-tier technical support service.
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Our help and support services: We are commited to the success of your venue. Should you need us, we're just a call or a few clicks away. Our first-class technical support team provides a wide selection of assistance services, and each and every one of our products is supported by these services. We are also always on hand to discuss the performance of our products and systems to help you achieve optimal utilisation and to add on additional products and services where necessary.
Our technical support team is also on hand to assist you should anything go wrong with your system, games or configuration. All our systems include tools for remote access and rapid diagnostics to easily identify and correct errors before they impact your customers’ leisure time. Furthermore, our systems were designed for simple and effortless ‘plug and play’ remedial action that will have your entertainment offerings running smoothly in no time.
The team also offers consistent account management services, which enable you to optimise the performance of your solutions and gives us a chance to offer advice on a wide range of logistical topics. Our management services include advice on operational best practices, game and product pricing strategies, and how best to market your new products to your existing customers and ideal target audiences.
Our support services also extend to your business’s staff. As part of our commissioning process, we will provide your venue staff with full training on all aspects of our systems to ensure that they can use and manage them with ease. We can complete this training in person or via video conference, and as always, you and your staff will have access to our support help desk as well.