We take great pride in making first class, engaging content for your guests to enjoy but, having so much experience in the sector, we recognise that our products need to be backed up with quality tools that seamlessly integrate into your business.

Our proprietary session management system is a web-based portal that gives you full control over the utilisation of our products. The portal allows you to create and manage sessions in advance or on the fly from any internet enabled device. We can even integrate with online booking platforms for an even more streamlined solution.
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What our session management solutions include: All of the sessions offered by our competitive socialising games are time-based. This means that you as a business owner have full control over how long your guests’ gaming sessions are. Our unique online session management portal gives you easy access to all the tools you need to easily manage guests and sessions without in-depth technical knowledge of our products and systems.
Our portal allows you to edit the end times of live sessions. Session extensions are automatically updated so the guest experience continues interuption free. These tools are designed to help you supercharge sales through extending guest dwell time and increase spend per head.
Deploying the best online booking tools is crucial for your business. We can integrate with most booking platforms so that our products become part of an end-to-end system. We have recently integrated with bookings platform, BRIQ, who are leading the way with the state-of-the-art platform. You can read more about the importance of the customer journey here.
Many social entertainment products on the market today offer rigid and limited management tools. Our solutions are different. Eeach of our first in class products is designed to give you full control over session management from a convenient online portal that you can access anywhere and at any time.