Brand customisation is an essential part of any great marketing strategy, especially if you operate in the F&B or entertainment industries. Customising your offerings according to your brand’s unique identity makes your establishment more memorable and improves customer loyalty over time. It may even increase the chances of your customers recommending your brand to their friends and peers, which, of course, is excellent for business!
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We provide a specialised customisation service to ensure that any of our systems you use will become an integral and functioning part of your brand’s identity. Our team knows exactly how to assist you in making our products your own, ensuring that you can drive your key marketing messages home and keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.
Our range of customisation services is available for both of our systems, and includes:
• The creation and installation of custom colour palettes and personalised logos on your system’s idle screens
• Custom slide shows that display your venue’s key offerings to drive sales and revenue generation
• On-screen food and beverage menu displays to tempt your guests and keep them at your establishment for longer
Depending on the scale of your project and your business’s specific needs, our team is also able to produce bespoke games just for your establishment or franchise. Get in touch with your ideas and we will gladly advise you on creating completely unique and engaging games.
Contact us to make your system your own It’s time to give your customers what they want. Offering the right forms of entertainment and competitive socialising opportunities can supercharge your F&B sales and breathe new life into your hospitality establishment.

Contact us to learn more about our brand customisation services and to align your entertainment systems with your business’s brand. Your guests will never forget your logo once they have associated it with unbeatable fun.
We can either send you templates to complete or, if you prefer, you can send us the necessary assets and we will produce something for you.
Fully customise the look of the console while in idle mode. Be creative; make the first screen your guests interact with a true reflection of your brand.
Upload your F&B menus so guests can easily see what's on offer. If you have web enabled ordering, why not add a QR code to streamline the ordering process?
Use the most visible part of the system to show off your brand. Add social handles so your guests know who to tag after their great experience.
Make the most of your digital screens! While in idle mode, our screens can run slideshows of promotions, darts explainers or any messaging you want to put out there!