With the ability to record and share everyday life through social media, consumers are prioritising spend on experiential activities and are more willing to invest in socially engaging entertainment and the memories it creates. This transformation has created a consumer expectation that demands more than just the delivery of F&B; the best operators are starting to provide experiences, reasons to extend dwell time (beyond the age old concept of just hanging out with friends) and the opportunity to produce content for platforms such as Instagram and Tik-Tok.
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Our definition of social entertainment is the combination of an experience led, often gamified activity with a strong F&B presence. The concept itself is nothing new, Ten pin bowling has been leading the social entertainment scene for over a century but the application of technology to traditional games has been the momentum driver in the modern era. Simplified games like our augmented reality darts that cater for all standards are driving mass participation. Venue operators who embrace these concepts are benefitting from increased footfall, dwell time and spend per head.

Investing in a competitive socialising concept can supercharge your business. Our products deliver exceptionally fast ROI and can be cashflow positive for your business from day one.
Adding a social entertainment offer to your venue can drive footfall by extending customer reach. Providing a source of active entertainment with 501 products gives guests a reason to extend their dwell time, increase their likelihood of repeat visits and ultimately boost their overall spend.
Our products are designed to supercharge your sales. Adding a social entertaiment offer can increase and diversify your revenue by adding new channels such as booking/utilisation spend. Additionally, our products deliver the optimal mix of opportunities for participation and consumption to help drive your F&B sales.
The competitive buzz generated by 501 products fosters a fantastic competitive atmosphere adding to the overall venue offer. The fun and competitive spirit quickly translates to social media content as guests are keen to share their experiences. This can help you build a wider social media presence, reaching more people and generating higher footfall.