At one level, the question of how to go about keeping your customers in the bar area has a very straightforward answer: it’s all about making your bar somewhere that people would like to stay for extended periods of time.

This is easier said than done, of course. However, if you can make your bar a place that people genuinely want to be – as opposed to somewhere they’ll head purely to buy booze before they head elsewhere – you’ll reap the benefits in the form of substantially higher food and drinks sales. You’ll also gain an edge on your competition by gaining a reputation for being a place that people want to hang out and have a good time.
Cutting-edge technology that gives your business the edge
Getting people through the doors is largely a question of maintaining a comfortable, well-lit environment, offering a prompt, friendly service and providing high quality food and drink. Whilst all of these obviously play an important role in getting people to stay, the key to getting your customers to stay in the bar area is to keep them engaged and entertained – and this is where a first-rate entertainment system comes into play. Pun very much intended.

Offering captivating gaming powered by cutting-edge technology will give your bar the edge that other venues lack. In a time when socialising and meeting new people has become rather difficult, offering a playful medium that allows people to interact with one another in a fun, safe environment takes your venue up several notches. From shuffleboard to darts, find out how 501 Fun’s solutions can pair with your existing systems. How to Keep Customers in Longer.
Quiz night is the new Friday night
Fun and games don’t always have to be high-tech, of course. Running a weekly quiz night is as low-tech as they come – but they’ve become a staple for pubs up and down the country for a reason. They tend to be very effective at drawing the punters in, encouraging a spirit of friendly competition – and making them stay long after they first cross the venue doors.

Providing free wi-fi is another great idea. Just bear in mind that your customers might use this to look up the answers on the pub quiz!
Being friendly is free – and it adds to the fun
Finally: be friendly, courteous and patient, and select for these qualities when recruiting bar staff. The value of barmen and women who are willing to attend to your customers’ needs and share a good laugh with them cannot be underestimated.

This is key to making people stay – and it will also help ensure that they will want to come back.
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Bars and pubs have perfected the practice of hosting regular trivia nights and encouraging patrons to have a few extra drinks, snacks and meals in the process. Quiz games can also offer prizes to encourage more customers to show up and partake in the fun.