If you’d like to attract more foot traffic to your venue and retain more customers in the long term, providing them with a memorable experience is crucial. Today’s customers are looking for unforgettable fun when they go out to eat, drink and socialise. Creating a vibrant, fun-filled environment is the perfect way to meet the needs of your target market and ensure that they return to your venue time after time.

There are many different things that you as a business owner or venue manager can do to make your venue more fun for your customers. You can start this process by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and asking yourself what you would like to experience when you visit a venue in search of awesome entertainment.

Here are a few expert ideas to inspire you to brighten up your venue.
Use colour to your advantage
Any interior decoration expert will tell you that the use of colour is so much more than a simple aesthetic matter. The colours you choose to add to your F&B venue can set the mood for your customers, influence their experiences with your business, and even have the power to enhance or underplay how well they remember their times at your venue.

There are a number of different colours that you could add to your venue’s décor to portray an environment of fun and social experience. Orange, for example, is considered to be a cheerful colour that facilitates adventure and social communication, and positively portrays feelings like enthusiasm, optimism and self-confidence. Red is an excellent colour to include, as it stimulates conversation and physically and emotionally excites customers when they first enter the room.

Warm colours tend to be exciting, bright and memorable, and encourage people to mingle and seek out fun new experiences at your venue. However, they can be overwhelming to the eye when used too liberally. Keep your décor punchy yet toned-down by adding warm colours to an art décor wall or a feature wall that incorporates other funky, eye-catching visual elements to make your venue stand out.
Offer unique food and beverage choices
Your menus need to be just as innovative as your décor if you want to become known as a premier destination for fun. Thankfully, it’s easy to create a vibrant and tempting menu.

Starting with drinks, try incorporating unique signature cocktails into your menu alongside more traditional beverage offerings. Get creative with flavours, textures and colours, and if possible, try to match your signature drink colours to the primary colours of your décor to create a more cohesive brand image.

The best fun foods are those that people can enjoy easily while they socialise, play interactive digital games, and explore your venue further. Bite-sized snacks like wings, sliders and skewers are excellent appetisers to get the party started.

For mains, offer a selection of unique and delicious dishes that pair trendy ingredients with classic preparation techniques to appeal to every palate. Shake things up by adding unusual flavours, plenty of fresh herbs, and homemade sauces and marinades to make an impression on your guests. Do-it-yourself options like a build it yourself pizza or burger menu also add a touch of fun to traditional menu items.
Competitive socialising products
Our competitive socialising products like augmented reality darts and interactive shuffleboard are arguably the best way to bring heaps of fun to your F&B venue. Our products allow your guests to enjoy awesome digital gaming at your venue, giving you the power to supercharge your sales and make a lasting impression on customers of all ages.

Add a photo booth next to your gaming offerings to ensure that your guests can capture their memories while they make them.
Offer unique packages
Unique entertainment packages are a fantastic way to increase engagement at your venue. We've integrated with market leading booking systems that allows you to create custom packages that your guests can book and pay for online. Offer combinations of entertainment, food and drinks at reasonable prices and people will flock to your venue for a great time!