What is competitive socialising, and what does the future hold for this highly engaging entertainment option? Competitive socialising includes any contest, competition or game that forms an integral part of a wider social setting. Pool, tenpin bowling and darts are some of the most popular and enduring competitive socialising activities around the world. Nowadays, modern technology is also being infused into the traditional competitive socialising space to make every occasion even more memorable. 501 Fun offers a range of thrilling tech-enhanced competitive socialising products to entertainment and food and beverage venues, including interactive darts, augmented reality darts and interactive shuffleboard.

Competitive socialising is an excellent way to provide hospitality and F&B customers with unforgettable fun while boosting your business’s own revenues. These activities are rapidly increasing in popularity too, as margins on food and drink purchases tighten and venues seek innovative new ways to improve their bottom lines.
The importance of competitive socialising
Did you know that one pub closes its doors every 12 hours in the UK alone? This dire situation is expected to accelerate as people’s attitudes towards bars, pubs and outdoor socialising evolves in the face of video streaming, video gaming and other at-home entertainment sources.

Food, drink, entertainment and hospitality businesses are battling under the pressures of increasing rates and taxes, rising food prices, economic uncertainty, and many other variable factors. Competitive socialising gives business owners a great alternative source of revenue for businesses that are free of the cost pressures mentioned above.

Whether it’s darts, pool, shuffle or another interactive game, competitive socialising opportunities attract more footfall to venues and boost the amount of dwell time that customers spend at these venues. Not to mention how much money they spend as well. This means that these games are fantastic for increasing F&B sales and revenues and finding new ways to engage with and attract new customers.
What lies in the future of competitive socialising?
More people than ever before are growing conscious of how they spend their time and money and how they prioritise their health. As a result, many people eschew a night out at the pub for a few highly memorable social games with friends and colleagues.

Today’s customers want to make memories, enjoy experiences and discover awesome new methods of entertainment, and it’s up to vendors to provide these opportunities if they want to stay competitive in the changing hospitality industry.

The future of competitive socialising holds exciting leisure activities that use modern technology to give players even more value for their money. Using the latest technology and tools, games can now be made available to people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and tastes to ensure that they can engage as many customers as possible.

Adjusting and perfecting competitive socialising games with technology makes the venues that offer these games appealing to a much broader demographic. Plus, it adds a new level of fun to customers’ experiences at those venues. The result is customers who will be willing to come back time and time again to enjoy unbeatable entertainment and a dynamic experience that is perfectly suited to their individual tastes and preferences.