Our products go far beyond providing awesome technology and highly entertaining games. Our payment, reservation and back end tools can easily slot into your brand’s own website to create a seamless booking experience and a cohesive customer journey. All the way from discovery to enjoyment. Plus, our products can integrate with other systems to give your business a boost without requiring a complete technical overhaul.
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SUPERCHARGE SALES / Curating Your Offer
Customer Journey
Curating Your Offer
Achieving a great return on investment is more complex than simply choosing the right digital entertainment system, however. Determining the right offers for your customers will help you to generate the rapid ROI that our products are known for achieving. This requires a multi-pronged approach that covers all of your venue’s core offerings and ensures that your guests get the full experience when they visit your establishment.

So, how can a business build a quality offering that will allow them to extract the most value out of their 501 Fun systems? Let’s find out.
What's the vibe?
Your food and beverage offerings need to reflect the personality and brand identity of your venue. This is essential in creating a memorable experience that lives up to your guests’ expectations of your business and keeps them coming back for more. If you offer digital entertainment from 501, another great way to create a fun experience for your guests and to build an unforgettable ambiance is to tailor your offerings in a way that encourages them to play.
Offering food, for instance, that your guests can enjoy while playing their favourite games is a fantastic way to encourage them to play another round. Finger foods and snacks that don’t require cutlery, such as wings, nachos, sliders, skewers and kebabs are delicious, moreish, and give your customers a chance to check out your entertainment offerings without having to tear themselves away to enjoy dinner.
Now, let’s talk about drinks. The drinks your venue offers should also be trendy, deliberately appealing to your target audiences, and well-presented. Think craft beers in generous mugs or tall glasses, craft gin presented in large bowls with single gourmet ice cubes, and single origin whiskies served in delicate whiskey tumblers, perhaps paired with hand-picked snacks to compliment them.
If you choose to serve cocktails, get creative with your flavour combinations and add spices, unique extracts, herbs and edible flowers to shake things up. Serve these to your guests while they are playing 501 Fun games and they may be much more willing to stay until closing time!
The Price is Right!
Sessions on 501 products are time based and the durtation of some games is determined by the skill level of the players. With that in mind, unlike activities such as tenpin bowling, it makes sense to charge based on a duration rather than a 'per game' basis. Equally, with a large selection of games to choose from, charging for a time period allows guests to broaden their experience by trying more than one game. We recommend two main pricing models:
Charging for the rental of the whole product is a great way to offer exceptional value for your guests. This structure is brilliant for encouraging large groups to your venue as, when split between a large group, the booking fee becomes inconsequential and you will benefit from more people in your venue making the most of your F&B offer.
Charging per person is an attractive method for maximising revenue while still offering great value for money. Smaller groups benefit as the per person rate is likely to be lower than their share of a fixed rate. This is great for maximising utilisation during quiet times and maximising profits at peak times.
Consider peak and off-peak pricing. Offering discounted sessions during the quietest times will help you drive footfall and generate additional F&B revenue. These sessions could be partnered up with promotional events such as business networking, speed dating, wine/beer tasting etc.
Bundling the activities on offer is another fantastic way to curate your offer and make it even more appealing to your target audiences. This involves bundling an activity with other activities or food and beverage packages to offer guests awesome deals at competitive prices they can’t refuse. You could, for example, create a Shuffleboard and Darts package, or even package one of our games with one of your own offerings – a Pizza and Beer evening, for example – at a set price.
This is a great way to attract guests to your venue, and it’s an even better way to encourage them to try the full range of your offerings, including food, drinks and entertainment, all at once. Our systems are integrated with Briq Bookings to make it easy for our clients to offer bundled activities that can be easily and instantly booked online. Use our system to bundle your most popular activities and offerings and watch the bookings roll in.