We offer a wide range of digital entertainment solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We have the technology you need to give your business a boost. As part of our customer on-boarding process, we can fully customise our premium systems to ensure that your set-up becomes an integral and aligned part of your overall brand.
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SUPERCHARGE SALES / Customer Journey
Customer Journey
Curating Your Offer
Our systems have been engineered for effortless integration into the unique and demanding requirements of hospitality workflows. 501’s data platform provides our clients with granular insights into the optimal use of our products, enabling you to target promotions and refine your processes to maximise their efficiency and reach.

It’s important to note that having a comprehensive system in place is just one aspect of making our technology work for you. Providing the right customer journey is essential in extracting the maximum value out of your 501 systems. Here’s how to perfect your customer journey.
SEO and online visibility
Creating an SEO-optimised and highly visible website is the key to ensuring that you receive as much traffic through your business’s site as possible. A good website starts with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that your target markets will find easy and effortless to use. It’s essential to research and rank for relevant keywords, and to use them throughout your core landing pages to ensure that you are attracting visitors that are most likely to be converted by your efforts.

Having a visible website that ranks highly on search engine results pages will help you to attract leads, build brand credibility, and direct organic traffic to your website.
Local Search
Many of our clients use Google My Business with great success. This free internet-based service is designed to promote local businesses online, and also enables them to control how they appear online to help their businesses stand out. GMB allows your brand to appear in Google Maps and local pack listings, which boosts your visibility and allows internet users to see the information they need at a glance.

Plus, it allows people to leave reviews of your business, and provides you with valuable information about views, search queries, engagement, your primary audiences, and clicks on your website link. Best of all, it’s completely free and easy to use, while still acting as a powerful tool to bring more traffic to your site and recognition to your brand.
Social Media
Social media is an integral part of the customer journey. It’s helpful in first introducing your products and your brand to customers, and can help to boost your SERP rankings if you remain active on social platforms and engage with your audience often. Social media advertising also enables you to target potential customers based on their interests, needs and follows, while maintaining a cohesive brand identity across your core online channels.
Online booking and payment
Your business should provide online booking and payment services to improve its customer journey. These services should be super easy and reliable for customers to use.
501’s systems can integrate with most payment and booking systems, but our session management tools can also be used along with existing booking and payment tools if you’d prefer. We are currently integrated with third party services like Briq Bookings, Collins.
On-site customer experience
Your customers’ online experiences are certainly important, but it’s just as important to provide them with a positive customer journey at your venue itself. Consider how your guests are welcomed when they arrive at your venue. There should be a clear check-in desk or welcome area at which they can inform your staff that they’ve arrived and be seated or assisted as soon as possible.
Your guests should be taken over to your products and given a brief and informative introduction to how your entertainment system works. This is a fantastic opportunity to sell them their first round of drinks! Check back regularly to see if your guests require anything – be it refreshments, snacks, or more information on how to use your systems. If you get the opportunity to do so and if scheduling allows, offer to extend their session.
You could consider using QR codes to obtain valuable feedback about guests’ experiences. Make sure to collect guest feedback during and at the end of their sessions, and forward these suggestions directly to your operations team. This approach gives you a chance to act while your customers are still on site to ensure an optimum experience every time.
It’s crucial to follow up with your guests as well. Build a customer database that allows you to follow up with the latest offers, promotions, discounts and new products to keep your existing customer base engaged and coming back for more!